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Make way for a glamorous new gadget! Check your UV protection with a built-in UV camera on one side, and use the magnifying mirror to fix make-up. It’s the latest trend to keep on top of your sunscreen, all at once. Holidays never looked so good.

  • Pop It In Your Beach Bag – With a sleek and slimline design, you can pop out this handy mirror anytime anywhere you need it. Time to top up that tan.
  • Dual Functionality – We love a multi-tasker. A special UV camera + mirror means your skin stays protected and your make-up stays picture perfect.
  • Easily Chargeable – With a standard USB-C charging port, you can take this little beauty anywhere, so you can look and feel good wherever you go.
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Know when to renew

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UV Compact Mirror

By now, we’re all aware of the importance of applying SPF every morning. That’s because the sun is the number 1 contributing factor to premature aging and skin disease. But how do you know if you’ve applied enough sunscreen, let alone if you’ve missed any parts of your face and neck?

Our UV Youth Mirror functions as a UV camera, making the effects of sunscreen visible to the naked eye. SPF will show up darker on our Youth Mirror as the UV camera absorbs ultraviolet rays. Now, you can see if you’ve truly achieved full SPF coverage every morning – and even how often you need to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

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  1. Veronica

    The best product ever! Never seen something unique like this one .

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