Detox Face & Body Scrub – Fight Inflammation with Hydration

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Let’s glow! Radiant skin starts with gentle exfoliation and healing hydration — and our all-natural face scrub does just that. Our revitalizing, 81% organic formula promotes better circulation by gently removing dead skin cells, while its moisturizing properties leave your skin silky smooth.

  • Aloe – Super soothing, this wonderful ingredient deeply nourishes the skin with moisture, helping to slow signs of aging.
  • Manuka Honey – Improves smoothness of skin tone, Manuka balances skin’s pH levels and reduces inflammation and redness due to acne and scarring.
  • Turmeric – Reduces dark circles and evens skin tone.
  • Bamboo Stem Cells – Stimulates the production of collagen to fight wrinkles and fine lines.

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Detox Scrub

Revitalize and rejuvenate dry and flaky skin with our delicate Detox Scrub. This exfoliating body scrub is designed to gently remove and buff away any dead skin cells while moisturizing and hydrating your skin in the process. Our Detox Scrub is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and works wonders on eczema and psoriasis, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

Our Detox Scrub should be used twice a week to help stimulate blood circulation beneath the surface, purifying while fighting inflammation. The main ingredients in our Detox Scrub include aloe, bamboo stem cell, castor oil, turmeric, and Manuka honey. It’s 81% organic, plant-based, and GMO-free.

2 reviews for Detox Face & Body Scrub – Fight Inflammation with Hydration

  1. Austin

    Love the Detox Face & Body Scrub. it makes my skin feels soft and silky. Highly recommend.

  2. Katie

    Great body and face scrub. love it !

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